Integration is a process of combining one system with another systems to form a whole. With our current technology, integration is a great solution for a better management and security.

Visitor Management System (VMS)
VMS is use to easily screen and track visitors going into the building. VMS enables better management of building security and improve services with more efficient visitor processing. The system automates the information of visitors from MyKad via MyKad Reader. Photo of visitor is retrieved from MyKad or by capturing via web camera and stored into system for reference. It provides validatation of visitor and remove potential human error in keying visitor information. The system can also be integrated into door or CACS to control the access of visitor into the building.

VMS Features
Secure sign in/sign out.
Quick and easy registration.
Photo capture.
Visitor Sticker printing for blank card.
Black list unwanted visitor.
Live visitor IN and OUT counter.
Integration to third party access control system.