Availability Assurance
Daily monitoring of system and equipment availability.
Service Desk Ticketing System for problem reporting and tracking.
24 Hours Hotline Support Line for emergency support.

Preventive Maintenance
Scheduled systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures; covering work of doing equipment tests, measurements, cleanings, adjustments and calibrations.
Application system and database health-check services and system patches (if any).
Offsite transaction and system data backup.
Reports of system and equipment health-check findings and improvement recommendation.

Corrective Maintenance
Remedial services for repair, restoration or replacement of faulty equipments or system.
Response time, restoration time or temporary workaround based on agreed SLA according to incident priority.
Remote support services for network based equipments.
Corrective Maintenance does not cover the following equipment/system failures:- Act of GOD, human error, forces of nature, hardware/equipment obsolescence.
* Any incidents due to the above failures are to be resolved as per agreed time and material arrangements.

Parts Replacement Arrangement
Parts guarantee services, where parts replacement included in as Comprehensive solution.
Parts management services, where critical parts will be kept onsite by NTISSB (subject to holding fee charges).
Parts procurement services, where purchases could be made using NTISSB Price Agreement with parts principal.

Service Desk
CACS incidents to be logged in separate category in Call Centre for CACS support based on Regions and OPUs.
For incidents occurs off-office hours, customer will call Regional CACS Hotline number, contacting directly to CACS support personnel on standby.

First Level Support (Regional)
The primary support engineer and contacts at OPUs.
First Level Support CACS team based at regional.
Each region will have 24-hours standby personnel for Emergency Support.

Second Level Support (Central)
2nd Level Support CACS central team based at Central Office.
Monitoring servers and panels availability group-wide via centralized monitoring tools.
First support via remote access, and onsite support for major/2nd level problems.

Principal Support
Direct Principal support from HID Global (card & card reader), Johnson Control (Pegasys System), Dormakaba Security System and Magnetic Controls (Outdoor system).

Project Team
Specialized team for implementing CACS related projects.